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Lindsay Mustard

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Lindsay Mustard
A weekly health podcast hosted by Holistic Nutritionist, Lindsay Mustard where we jam on all things nutrition, essential oil and fitness related.
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Lindsay Mustard

Interested in learning more about essential oils and want an excuse to get your ladies together? Thought so ;)

Learn what essential oils you should be using to address your major health concerns while enjoying some essentially infused recipe in the comfort of your own home surrounded by your favourite ladies.

Lindsay Mustard Nutritionist

If essential oils are my peanut butter, nutrition coaching is my jam. My passion for teaching others the foundations of healthy eating and living burns brighter than my flaming red hair.

I live to help others take the leap and upgrade their health and wellbeing. I am honoured to have the privilege be be a personal cheerleader for the phenomenal women that I coach.

My approach is simple. Craft your plan around you and your needs!

One size does not fit all. The plan that I create for a single mom with two kids and next to no time looks very different from the program I design for someone else. Your personalized program is just that, personalized to fit you, your health needs and your lifestyle. Gone are the days where you spent hours slaving away in the kitchen cooking your meals for the week.

Your health plan is more than a meal and supplement plan - it’s a lifestyle plan. I believe in living a holistic lifestyle and that means choosing the whole foods, clean supplements, toxic free products and incorporating movement into our everyday lives. Ready to make the leap? My pompoms are ready!

Lindsay Mustard
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Real Food Reset

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