Uncomplicating Your Health Goals


Blog post number seven coming at you! Right on track for achieving my goal of twenty-one blog posts before my birthday in a short six weeks 🙂 Talk about dedication… I pulled into a Tim Horton’s in Brockville on my way back home to Ottawa to make sure I got it up on the site. 

After spending the weekend with my family in Goderich and Bayfield swimming in the lake with my pup, shopping and ice cream eating, I feel ready to get back to my groove. Maybe you’re like me and you go through these ruts of work, work, work and absolutely no play. You schedule yourself down to the minute with tasks, must do’s and projects that you need to have completed by a certain date. Not only are you stressed, but you haven’t slept for weeks and sex isn’t even on the table for discussion. Talk about a sad story!

Regardless of your industry or field or work, there will always be some form of stressors in your life. I mean, you can’t choose your family or your spouses. And if anyone can drive you crazy, it’s probably your mother in law 😉

All jokes aside, I want to spend some time talking about stress and how it’s the biggest obstacle stopping you from achieving your goals.

How many times have you wrote down your goals for the week; eat healthily, go to the gym 4 times and to read before bed. And how many times has it gone out the window? I’m with you friend.

As the week goes by, our schedule gets more and more packed with extra little “things” we feel like we need to get done. We strive to cross items off of our to-do lists and feel like failures if we leave items left unchecked. What’s worse is the amount of deep guilt that we feel for not getting them done and then having to write them on tomorrow’s to-do list. Now we’re beating ourselves up for not being good enough AND we’re dreading having to work on the same project tomorrow.

Ugh. I feel you friend. It’s rare that I ever feel like I have my shit together. On the outside, I might look organized and productive, but on the inside, I feel like one of those Mexican jumping beans that I used to play with as a kid and can never stop bouncing back and forth between ideas. Over the last few years, I’ve had to learn to be extremely protective of my time and where I choose to spend it. It sounds harsh and rude, I don’t mean it to be, but it’s true. It’s far too easy nowadays to get distracted and be pulled in another direction before you even start on your grande to do list for the day. By the time you finally to work on it, you’ve already added another 5 tasks to the never-ending “I wish I could get this done list” and you fee more defeated than ever.

So what do I do to protect my time and focus? I keep my phone off. You read that right – off people! Not only is it not turned on, it’s hidden in my bag so that I can’t be tempted to check social media, texts or even worse, emails. Implementing this one little habit into my everyday life has been a game changer. I’ve saved myself hours by being able to jump both feet into a project or area of work. Otherwise, it feels like I’m in two relationships at once – spending time with my email inbox while flirting with social media and checking my DM’s. If you’ve ever been the “other one”, you know that it’s no fun and that in the end it only leads to you getting further and further off track from where you need to go and what you need to do.

So quit it with the multitasking already!

If you’re going to make dinner, make dinner and don’t put on the movie in the background. If you’re going to write your long overdue paper for school, get off Facebook and Netflix. If you’ve committed to going to the gym 4 times this week, get off of Instagram and get your butt into those yoga pants!

Our time is so precious. Don’t waste yours trying to do a million things at once – establish your top 3 priorities this week and then get down to them. Make a habit tracker or a checklist that you can use as the week goes by to remind yourself of your commitments to yourself. If you need to, set reminders in your calendar to pack your gym clothes and post-workout snack so you can’t talk yourself out of going later. 


I know it’s hard to single task and really focus in on one goal at a time before moving onto bigger, greater and shinier things, but I promise you that you will feel more fulfilled accomplishing one big goal (ie: lose 30 pounds) rather than 50 smaller goals (ie: take out the trash) at the end of the day.

Stop getting distracted by the things that have nothing to do with your goals.

Tips For Sticking To Your Health Goals

  1. Schedule time into your calendar (workouts, work dates, meal prep….)
  2. Turn your phone off while you’re working on tasks moving you towards your goal
  3. Say no to distractions

* Repeat the three steps listed above until it’s done! *

Lindsay Mustard