Summer Survival Guide

t’s almost time to say farewell to summer and hellooo to fall! Can you tell which season I prefer? Sorry, my pale person bias is showing. I’ll cover that right up – nothing some extra SPF 100 can’t fix right?

Sticking to your health goals and meal plan in the summer is hard, especially when all of your friends are at the beach sipping margaritas and frolicking around town with an ice cream cone in hand. What I would do for some ice cream right about now…… Sigh. I’ll just keep munching on my spicy fried green beans and zucchini breakfast scramble while write this I guess.

Don’t worry, I’ve had my fair share of ice cream, gelato and froyo this summer. But I certainly haven’t dropped any of my healthy habits that I’ve spent years developing. If anything, I’ve been appreciating them more and more each day!

There’s something that comes from choosing to eat healthy eighty-percent of the time and then indulging or treating yourself every once in a while. It’s another story when June rolls around and you throw your healthy habits out the window faster my dog can steal the food I dropped on the floor.

Why is this? We work so hard all year round to then toss our progress off the to the side so we can binge drink and eat cookies every night before bed while we fall asleep watching gossip girl. Ladies! Habits take time to develop, but they’re so much harder to pick back up after letting them slip for a few months.

Summer is how long? Long enough for you to create the habit of not drinking enough water or eating a green vegetable for 93 days!

Even though summer is slowly coming to a close, I want to help you wrap up the season on a strong note and kiss the sunshine goodbye with a flat belly and glowing skin. Let’s do this ladies 😉


Start your morning off with water, and lots of it!

We are about 55- 70 per cent water and need anywhere from 2-4 litres of it per day. Staying hydrated will not only help boost your metabolism (major perk!) it also aids in digestion, fights fatigue (which we commonly confuse with lack of energy and turn to food to fulfil), improves mood and lubricates your joints.

Try adding the juice of ½ a lemon or 3 drops of DoTERRA Lemon Essential Oil to your water in the morning to give your body some extra vitamin C lovin’ and kickstart your digestion.


Eat 4-5 servings of green vegetables a day.

Now before you start listing off all of the green vegetables you can’t palate, give me a chance to share some simple ways to incorporate the goodness of extra greens into your diet without you even noticing. As much as you might dislike green leafy things, there is so much nutritional benefit to eating a diet rich in detoxifying green vegetables.

Green leafy vegetables like broccoli, kale, swiss chard and arugula help to boost your circulation, promote clear skin, reduce inflammation, strengthen your immune system and promote healthy gut bacteria.

Whew, that was a mouthful. So yes, greens play a hugely important role in our health and vitality, but also in ensuring that we are getting enough micronutrients. Sure broccoli is a great source of calcium, but it gets boring after a while – after all, there are only so many ways to stream, roast, puree, sautee, grill and saute broccoli.

For the fun part, sneaking them into your diet. Let’s say that you’re already eating a relatively healthy diet -minus the wine in the evening and sugary cocktails with your ladies on the weekend 😉 If you start your day with a blueberry smoothie, it’s easy to pitch in a handful of kale or spinach without even noticing the taste. For lunch, if you’re a stir-fry or buddha bowl kinda gal, opt for half rice and half greens the next time you build your lunch box at the salad bar. If you’re more of a burger and fries kinda girl, skip the bun and replace it with romaine lettuce to make a lettuce bun! And lastly, when you’re whipping up dinner, add a handful or two of greens tossed with some olive oil and lemon for a simple side salad. If that’s not up your alley and your prefer a pasta salad or something heartier, try chopping up fresh parsley and arugula and add it to the pasta salad to get your greens in!


Ask yourself what you really want.

I’m not trying to give you life advice here, strictly nutrition. But I want to be completely upfront and honest with you guys here. We eat for so many reasons other than hunger. It’s actually insane how frequently we reach for a bag of chips, cookies or candy to numb us after a long day at work or a nasty break up. We’ve become besties with our sweatpants and our go-to spoon to help us carve into our pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, that we don’t even notice when we’re doing it anymore. It’s a sad reality, but it’s true.

Before you reach for the candy, chocolate and chips this summer and eat with the mentality of, “I’ll start my diet again on Monday, or it’s summer!” – ask yourself what you really want. Are you reaching for your round of thirds because all of your friends are and you’re scared about missing out? Are you eating because you are in pain – physical, mental and/or emotional? Are you using food to help you procrastinate doing something?

Ask yourself and then wait for the answer. Don’t act right away, pause for a second, listen and then make the healthiest choice you can at that moment.

Need some inspiration for recipes to help you get your greens in? Gather up your greens and give these recipes a whirl!

Green Goodness Smoothie

Key Lime Pie Smoothie

Thanks for the read! Be sure to share this post with your friends and family who might need a tip or two about staying healthy during the summer. Maybe even start a green vegetable challenge to see who can get the most in 😀

Lindsay Mustard