Morning Detox Habits

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A nice cold glass of lemon water sounds pretty darn good right about now. If you’re trying to beat the heat like the rest of us here in Ottawa, I’m sure you can relate to the struggle.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find that the heat brings out the worst in people sometimes. Everyone is hot, sticky and irritable, and then you put them behind the wheel of a car and someone cuts them off – watch out world!

So with everyone’s sweating and short temperedness in mind, I wanted to share one of my favourite citrus infused water recipes. With lemonade being a summer favourite of nearly everyone, this recipe will blow your flip flops off and help keep you calm, cool and collected, even on the hottest of days.

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If you were to ask me a few years ago how I started my morning, I would straight up tell you with a pitcher of coffee and a packet of oatmeal. I was a caffeine addict drinking at least 8 cups of coffee a day in high school. Whoever says that coffee stunts your growth, is wrong. I tried and I’m still clocking in at a nearly 5’10.

Fast forward 4 years and both myself and my coffee loving parents are off coffee. Well, almost 😉  I still have a cup or so a day, but it takes me nearly 5 hours to drink it because I either a) forget about it b) run out of time to drink it or c) accidentally spill it. It’s both a blessing and curse to be accident prone I guess 😉

Why did I give up my coffee addiction?

  • I was using caffeine to replace lost sleep
  • I was anxious & stressed all the time
  • I didn’t like the taste of it without almond milk and stevia
  • I was constantly dehydrated
  • My skin was dry and breaking out

Shall I go on?

I was a coffee monster and it’s taken me a while to create a schedule for myself and set office hours. I have both a love-hate relationship with entrepreneurship as it’s amazing in the sense that you can create your own business, set your own hours and have work flexibility and freedom, but the backside of it is that my brain never turns off. I’m constantly thinking about new business ideas, programs, workshops, blog posts, clients I need to message…. it goes on and on and sometimes I just find myself overwhelmed. Taking coffee out of the equation has been a huge help and timing it around workouts, if I do decide that I need it, has allowed me to reap the benefits of the caffeine high and put it to good use. Talk about crushing workouts using a natural pre-workout 😉

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So if I’ve reduced my coffee intake, what am I drinking instead? Lemon water – and lots of it!

The very first thing I do in the morning is to grab a glass of water with either ½ a lemon juiced or 2 drops of DoTerra Lemon Essential Oil. Lemon water is extremely cleansing for the body as it helps the liver detox and increases the production of bile, which in turn aids in elimination. Yay for well-formed poops!

Many people assume that because lemon is acidic that it creates an acidic reaction in the body. Lemon is magical in the sense that it instead does the opposite, it is extremely alkalizing. It helps with digestion and reduces constipation and it’s a natural way to kickstart elimination and get rid of toxins and waste products. If you have any skin irritations, dryness or breakouts, you’ll notice that they clear up with the help of lemon as your digestive and elimination improve.

So with our minds on all things citrus, let’s jump into the morning detox water that you can kickstart your digestion and day with! 

Morning Detox Water


* 1/2 Lemon Juiced

* 2 Cups Warm Water


* Add the lemon essential oil or juice to the water and sip!



Lindsay Mustard